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Organization for Designers

So, one of my biggest challenges as a designer is staying organized throughout the day. Juggling project after project while maintaining various levels of creativity is a job in itself. To ease some of the stress this causes, I started Googling resources for time management and I ran across a great tool, and it’s specifically written for designers! Mark McGuiness, who is a creative coach and auther, wrote the publication a few years ago. The pages of my copy are colorfully painted with highlights, so it has definitely become a great resource for my day-to-day. The publication is available here as a free download. Absolutely worth the time!


Design your Self

Design Yourself

I’ve been reading a great book by designer Karim Rashid. It’s titled Design Your Self: Rethinking the Way You Live, Work, and Play Published several years ago, it’s well worth the read – if only to explore the great layout! Perfect as a coffee table book as well – guests will definitely pick it up.