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Pepsi Throwback

I’m a bit behind with this, but it’s never too late…

I like the concept, but I’m not sure how I feel about the designs for the Pepsi Throwback campaign. The retro ad is fun, but nothing exciting. I did take a second look when I saw the packaging on an end cap, though. That was enough of an interest for me to buy a 12 pack and dedicate a blog to the designs. :)


Olive & Sinclair Chocolate

I was cleaning up around my desk the other day and came across a label that I’d saved and tucked away under a pile of papers. I don’t remember the taste of the chocolate (shame on me), but the Olive and Sinclair Chocolate label was worth putting in my “inspiration folder”. A beautiful design in that retro-style that I love so much, this packaging is well composed and consistent between the various flavors of chocolate. A Nashville based company, I wonder if they have a cafe or retail environment – I didn’t see any mention of it on their web site. I’d love to see how they incorporate their brand into a retail space. Could make for a fun place to visit and hang out.

The Die Line blogged about them earlier last year. Jump to their posting to view more photos of this beautiful design.

OOMPH! – Retro Package Design

I went shopping with a friend today and while walking through the automotive department (where you’d not normally find me – my friends would laugh at the thought), my eyes were drawn to a label for OOMPH! Cleaner & Degreaser. I have a sentiment for retro-style design and this label fits the bill. While I’m not keen on the fist logo, I like how the overall design is simple, clean and packaged in a plastic yellow and red container, finishing off the retro-style.

But, perhaps part of why I like this label so much are the emotions I had when I saw it. Even though I’ve never seen or used this product before, it reminds me of something I’d expect to find tucked away in my dad’s garage from years ago. My dad is a woodworker so rummaging through scraps of wood in the garage was a common activity as a child. I recall finding old canisters of spray lubricant for his tools and tins of wax for the car, all with labels similar to the style of OOMPH! Cleaner & Degreaser.

I love when designs unexpectedly ignite a memory. If only I had a garage today, I’d have bought the last bottle on the shelf.