Numbers Canvas

Numbers Canvas

There are so many typography influenced designs out on the market right now. The style has consumed much of the interior design market, and I’ve fallen victim to the love of the style. I can’t walk through a store without picking up the large Number 7 painting or the pillow with Helvetica letters screen printed across the fabric. So, needless to say, when I walked into Pottery Barn a few weeks ago and saw their new Numbers Canvas, I fell in love. It’s simple and clean. And large. And I love it.


Commercial Printing

A few years ago, I worked with a great printing company in Northern Virginia. I’m not sure if they are still around (if they are, look them up), but because of a job change, I had to stop working with them. While spending an afternoon mindlessly searching YouTube for videos about the history of printing, I came across a video created by this printing company. My intent for posting this is twofold, to give Progressive Printing props as well as to share the video, which is a good memory jogger for why we shouldn’t forget about the printing process, something I think designers tend to do! We might do the designs, but there’s a process behind-the-scenes that gets what we do into the hands of those who use it!

Music to Design to

When I first started this blog, I did a post about the style of music that I listen to when I design. I wanted to update this post since the stations I listen to have either changed or evolved. So, let me jump right into it.

TimeTuner Radio
This is one of my favorite iphone apps at the moment. TimeTuner Radio allows you to browse radio stations around the world, saving them as either a quick-pick or favorite. With a sleek interface and easy navigation, anyone with an interest in diverse music options, this is a perfect app. A few of my favorite stations are: Radio Chillout – ABradio (Czech Republic), Ambient, Network Radio 4 (Netherlands) and NRK Folkemusikk (Norway).

Ambience Lounge
BAGel Radio
Gaydar Radio – Broadcast out of London, this station has historically been a favorite for a few years. I think I’d have a tough time pulling away from it, but I don’t think that’ll be necessary.
Boystown Live – Broadcast out of Chicago.
Fusion Chicago – Broadcast out of Chiacgo

Organization for Designers

So, one of my biggest challenges as a designer is staying organized throughout the day. Juggling project after project while maintaining various levels of creativity is a job in itself. To ease some of the stress this causes, I started Googling resources for time management and I ran across a great tool, and it’s specifically written for designers! Mark McGuiness, who is a creative coach and auther, wrote the publication a few years ago. The pages of my copy are colorfully painted with highlights, so it has definitely become a great resource for my day-to-day. The publication is available here as a free download. Absolutely worth the time!

Vintage Postcards

Not many people know that I have a fascination with vintage postcards. I first became interested in them when I stumbled across crates of postcards in antique shops while visiting my parents in WV some years ago. I was particularly drawn to those cards that were written to individuals within the state where I grew up. However, finding specific postcards that reflected my home state became challenging, particularly because I’m picky about what I’m looking for. I tend to get overwhelmed when I rummage through old bins, but the process is absolutely worth it. Beautifully composed and representing elegant and handsome penmanship, each handwritten side tells a story and represents an exclusive history of its time.

Design your Self

Design Yourself

I’ve been reading a great book by designer Karim Rashid. It’s titled Design Your Self: Rethinking the Way You Live, Work, and Play Published several years ago, it’s well worth the read – if only to explore the great layout! Perfect as a coffee table book as well – guests will definitely pick it up.