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A Decade of a Brand

I recently took an in-depth look at my personal brand and decided it was time for an overhaul. My brand has slowly evolved over the years and has matured into what it is today, but a review of it was needed.

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit hesitant to post some of my original branding, but there is something quite liberating about putting it out there. The preparation of this post has allowed me to take a step back and see where I could strengthen my brand. Recognizing the history and development of any project is a necessary practice to tweak and improve – whether it’s done during the creative process or after the creative has been executed. So, let’s get started.


Based on an abstract composition using organic shapes and forms, my first web site design was dated and a design of its time. Poor typography and no structure, this site is quite the embarrassment, but is a great starting point to show the progression of my identity that spans a decade.

Another version, in a similar style as it’s predecessor, this design didn’t even reach the development stage.


For several years, my web site was stagnant, but this was the year I dropped the organic shapes and moved into something more modern and simplistic. I decided to retire all the green since it no longer defined who I was. Without muddying the message with so much noise, I turned to a simpler layout and introduced a serif font. Overall, the design became more unified and began representing where I was as a designer.

My first business card printed within this design concept was a vertical card printed with a dark charcoal background and white and teal (PMS 319) text.

Through the middle of the year, I introduced a simpler, softer business card. The new card was printed on white stock and mounted on thick, black art board, using the same teal (PMS 319) for the text as the first card. This is my current business card.


With the content refined and grouped for easier readability, the new web site design speaks more to my personality and voice. I evolved the font to a sans serif font to create more movement between the font and the harsh angles of the content boxes. To reinforce that movement, I’ve also added a textured background, unlike the gray in the previous design. Because I have a bit of an adoration for gray, black and teal (the combination of these colors create emotion for me), so naturally I wanted to maintain that scheme. By adding the lime green, I’ve attempted to achieve a balance that doesn’t focus on the use of two calmer colors.

So, that’s where my brand currently stands. As I grow, so does my identity and with those changes, I’ll resurface this post and show how I’ve evolved.